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Use and Maintenance

Brushing and Combing

Brush the hair thoroughly before washing, start with the ends and gradually work towards the scalp. Use the Euro So.Cap. brush for this. Never brush or comb the hair if it is wet.

Washing and Hair Care

Do not wash the hair in the first 24 hours after applying the hair extensions. The keratin bonds first need to harden properly. Always wash the hair with the head arched back, along with the length of the hair, not as a big bundle on your head, to avoid tangling. Before the hair extensions are applied, ALWAYS wash the hair with Silk-System's Shampoo One (Pre-Extension Shampoo). For guaranteed beautiful hair, wash it every time with Art Super Shampoo by Silk-System. Subsequently, comb Silk-System's Nutry Cream through your hair using your fingers. Ensure that there is no shampoo or conditioner residue after rinsing the hair. Use a towel to carefully pat dry the hair without rubbing it. For additional hair care, you can knead Silk-System's Serum Fluid into the hair ends. This repairing serum reactivates and protects the hair shaft and gives a brilliant shine.

Drying and Styling

If you want to let the hair dry without using heat, you only have to blow-dry the hair at the scalp and the bonds. If you blow-dry the hair fully, then always start with the scalp and the bonds. Then blow-dry the full length of the hair up to the hair ends. Note that you do not blow-dry too close against the hair, especially at the bonds, because the hot air of the blow-dryer can be 160°-180°. If you use finishing products, make sure that they contain no or a low percentage of alcohol. Alcohol can damage the keratin bonds.