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Frequently asked questions

Usually clients have many questions about what it would be like to add length and/or thickness, or individual bright highlights or lowlights to their hair. We will try to provide you with as clear a picture as possible.


What extensions do you use?

We use only Seiseta extensions, the best pre-bonded and keratin-based hair extensions made of 100% human hair from India.



How many extensions do I need?

That depends entirely on your own hair type and preference. If you want to add volume to your hair, 25 to 50 extensions will usually suffice. In most cases, hair lengthening will require at least 100 extensions, strongly depending on the current length of your hair and the desired length.



How much time do I need for a treatment?

A lengthening treatment based on approximately 150 extensions will take around 3 1/2 hours.



How long can extensions stay in?

Assuming your hair grows by around 1 cm a month, the extensions can stay in place for 3 to 5 months in most cases. One person’s extensions may remain in place for longer than another’s; this also depends on how well you take care of them (which is why we offer an interim check) and your own hair length and structure.



Can I dye the extensions?

You can but we do not recommend it. Since the extensions have already been treated, a colour treatment may have a detrimental effect. If you nevertheless dye your extensions, the guarantee will be invalidated.



Can I brush my extensions?

Of course you can, but they do need to be brushed properly. If you choose a lengthening or thickening treatment, you will need to purchase an extension brush specifically for this purpose. Careful brushing will prevent the hair from tangling.



can I re-use my extensions?

You can but we do not recommend it. The extension would need to be given a new layer of wax. Since this requires a lot of time and effort, it would be cheaper to have new extensions fitted. In addition, the model that has been cut to your chosen hairstyle can never be put back into the exact same position again. You will always lose some length in bringing it back into shape. On the other hand, Sticker Line extensions can be re-used.



can I swim whilt wearing extensions?

We recommend that you wear your hair in a plait each time you go swimming. We advise keeping your head above water in sea water and chlorinated water. The amount of salt in the sea and chlorine in swimming pools may affect the wax bonds of the extensions, eventually causing them to disintegrate.



Can I have extensions fitted if I’m pregnant or taking medicine?

After childbirth, hormones may cause hair to fall out. This can also occur where the extensions are attached, reducing the time the extensions remain in the hair. If taking medicine, you are advised to carefully read the information leaflets beforehand to see whether the medicine could affect hair loss. If so, we would advise against having extensions fitted.



Can extensions damage my hair?

As long as the extensions are attached professionally and properly cared for, they will cause very little or no damage to your own hair. Tip: Always have them fitted and removed by professionals.



How are extensions removed?

We use only the Liquid Remover from Seiseta, which makes the wax porous so that the extensions can slide from your hair.



Will the colour match my hair?

We discuss your requirements with you, then together we can choose a tailor-made colour from a wide range of colour samples.



Is there a guarantee?

The extensions are guaranteed for the first three months. If there are any problems, we investigate the cause and, if necessary, find a solution.