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Euro So.Cap.

Market leader in
hair extensions and accessories

Euro So.Cap. is the market leader in the manufacture of 100% natural, Remy quality hair extensions. Euro So.Cap. has chosen to solely and exclusively source pure hair from India, as the characteristics and structural properties are very similar to those of European hair. Hair sourced by Euro So.Cap. has undergone a series of stringent quality control procedures before importation from India. Specialised technicians carry out a thorough inspection. This is essential for achieving a flawless and natural end product.

Euro So.Cap. has been a prominent name in the hair extensions business for more than 40 years and has proven to be a top quality brand. With passing on his experience, Gennaro di Biase, the founder of Euro So.Cap., has always personally taken care of the specialised training of his employees in order to create a group of skilled craftsmen who are highly qualified in hair processing. His dedication to work, attention to detail and the company image, and continuous research into new technologies have enabled his company and brand to grow worldwide, establishing a strong presence in the world’s key markets. Euro So.Cap. relies on more than 100 employees and a warehouse larger than 5,000 m2.